Question from Phoebe

Is the impartation of the Holy Spirit biblical?

Question from Myles

What do you think of the claim that Christ used a Cannabis based oil to anoint his disciples and the sick, explaining spiritual experiences ect… hypothetical in my opinion, extremely so, but the gnostic literature does seem to refer to Cannabis. Help me out here?

Question from Josh

Last night I was watching History Channel and they showed a one hour documentary about some stone they found with Gabriel’s Inscription which talks about that Simon of Perea was the actual Christ and not Jesus of Nazareth.
Is there any truth to this?

Question from Old Buddies

How do we know we are instructed by God to commit an act? What is the proof that the spiritual feelings and sensations we experience isn’t all in our head? In essence, Charles Manson and many other men thought what they were doing was right and may even have believed that they were told by God to commit these acts, does this ever occur and how can it be legitimized and trusted? ( My friends are quarrelsome, but hopefully a direct answer will help at least open their minds to the Gospel)

Question from Old friends

How can the supposed “Genocide” all throughout the Old Testament be explained? Is it truly Genocide? If not, what is it? If so, is that not cruel of God? For instance, note how many tribes there are mentioned in the OT, yet how many of these tribes survive today? And another example, when God instructed men to Circumcise a town and then while wounded go and decimate them all; Just as well, the destruction of the Canaanites. Is this “Genocide” ? Whats the reasoning behind these things?

Question from karen

where do believers go after they die?

Question from karen

can you explain the concept of trinity?while muslims believe in the torah which we christians and jews do too,they believe in a indivisible God.How can God be one yet be called trinity?

Question from karen

hello,im a believer and i m recently having this doubt.As believers when we die we go to heaven directly right,then why should there be a resurrection of our body when our God returns so that our earthly body might be forever changed to a heavenly body while your soul is already there in the heaven?is there is a need to have a body even after you die?thank you for answering:)

Question from karen it wrong for a christian to watch horror movies that involve a lot of unnecessary portrail of bloodshed and slaughter?

Can followers of Jesus forgive sin (John 20:18-25)?


I was doing a study with a friend who raised the issue that since Jesus told his disciples in John 20:18-25 that they have the power to forgive to forgive the sins of anyone who sins, we as disciples of Jesus also have this power to forgive sins.  How do you deal with this?


I can see why, if we only use the passage John 20:23 as a proof-text we could appear to have "proved" that the apostles ( and perhaps even a plain old disciple) had the ability to forgive sins in the name of God. However, I believe this is not a correct interpretation of the passage. It is a "rule" of biblical interpretation that when we come to a "difficult" passage, such as John 20:23 we should interpret it in light of other, more obvious and plain passages. I believe that it can be shown by dozens–probably hundreds–of scriptures that only God can forgive sins. Matthew 9:4-8 has Jesus claiming deity when he also claims to be able to forgive sins.

I believe that in John 20:23 Jesus is giving special authority of the apostles over the affairs of the church. He is talking about fogiving sins "on earth." In other words, the passage is not support for a Roman Catholic doctrine of pennance and forgiveness of sins in heaven being given to some sort of apostolic priesthood. This is a rather blatant contradiction of way too many passages to be a reasonable interpretation. No human being has the ability to take God’s place as judge and forgiver or sins in heaven. In this passage, in the context, Jesus is giving the apostles authority over the affairs of the church in his absence after his ascension.

John Oakes

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