New Audios in Spanish and English from Asucion and La Paz: De la Sombra a la Realidad, Viviendo por la Fe, Dios y la Ciencia

Dr. John Oakes taught three classes in Asuncion, Paraguay and La Paz, Bolivia which were translated into Spanish.  The three are From Shadow to Reality (De la Sombra a la Realidad), Living by Faith (Viviendo por la Fe), and God and Science (Dios y la Ciencia).   Also included are power points for two of the lessons.     De la Sombra a la Realidad ppt     De la Sombra a la Realidad audio   Viviendo por la Fe audio     Dios y la Ciencia ppt      Dios y la Ciencia audio

La Historia de la Iglesia: Power Point nuevo y audio

Dr. John Oakes taught a two part series on Church History in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with translation into Spanish 7/12 and 13/2014.      Historia de la Iglesia PPT      La Historia de la Iglesia Audio I     La Historia de la Iglesia II

New Book by Dr. John Oakes now available: Golden Rule Membership

John Oakes has a new book available as of 7.15.14.  The title is Golden Rule Membership.  It is about the proper use of Christian Freedom and on the role of  Christian membership and how to apply the Golden Rule to being part of God’s Church.  The book includes practical ideas on Christian membership from Ron and Linda Brumley.  It is available at

Golden Rule Membership-C2

Missionary Teaching Trip to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil

John and Jan Oakes are traveling July 10-Aug 5 to teach for churches in Buenos Aires, Asuncion, La Paz, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  We will be updating a report here every couple of days, so stay tuned.  You can also follow on twitter @evidence4christ  We have now passed through La Paz, Bolivia and are heading for Cuzco, Peru and Maccu Piccu before traveling to Brasilia.   See below for report.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil/Argentina


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Defending Life: Pro-Life Apologetics 101 Course PowerPoint Slides

This course was taught by Kedron Jones, a board member for the Apologetics Research Society. The aim of this course was to train and equip individuals to winsomely and articulately communicate the content of the pro-life position in an attractive manner. Successful pro-life apologists pursue four essential tasks. First, they clarify the debate by focusing public attention on one key question: What is the unborn? Second, they establish a foundation for the debate, demonstrating to critics that moral neutrality is impossible. Third, they answer objections persuasively. Fourth, they teach and equip. These tasks are necessary because while the street level debate over abortion rages on, a serious intellectual discussion about the foundation for human rights continues almost unnoticed.The audio to this course will be up as soon as possible so please stay tune! Defending Life Class 1  Defending Life Class 2  Defending Life Class 3  Defending Life Class 4  Defending Life Class 5  Introductory Notes on Pro Life Apologetics

The Book of Jonah

Dr. John Oakes taught a class on the Book of  Jonah in San Diego 7/3/14.   Jonah Notes    Jonah PPT    Jonah Audio MP3

Hosea: The Savior of Israel

This is a class on the Book of Hosea given by Dr. John Oakes 6/27/14 in San Diego.  Hosea Notes     Hosea PPT    Hosea MP3

What Is Truth? The Christian vs. Other World Views. Video

Dr. John Oakes gave a class which was a comparison of the Christian to other World Views in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Eric Liddle Center  6/13/14.  The title was What Is Truth?  The audio of the lesson can be found here   What Is Truth Audio

Freedom in Christ: Power Point and Notes

Dr. John Oakes gave a presentation in both Manchester and Edinburgh June, 2014 on the role of freedom in the Christian life as well as on a healthy role of membership in the Christian church.   He will be publishing a book on this topic titled “Golden Rule Membership” from IP Books in just a couple of weeks.   Freedom in Christ PPT    Freedom in Christ Notes

News Flash! Dr. John Oakes loses in a debate on the existence of God.

Dr. John Oakes engaged in a debate on the existence of God titled “God is Not Dead” at a teen camp in Jamul, California on 6/17/2014.   His opponent was recent high school graduate Hunter Garnier.  Hunter is no slacker, as he was valedictorian of his class and is heading off to UC Berkeley in the Fall.  John Oakes took the premise that God is dead, while Hunter took the premise that God is real and God is alive.   This may help to explain why Dr. Oakes lost the debate as he suffered from taking a position which is simply not true.   John Oakess notes and audio of the debate are available here:   Why I don’t believe in God notes     God is Not Dead debate audio

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