ARS/EvidenceforChristianity to Partner with York College in a Museum of Ancient History

Foster Stanback, the Chair of the Board of Apologetics Research Society (the sponsor of this website) has teamed with York College in York, Nebraska to establish a Museum of Ancient History to specialize in items of interest to Christianity.   The grand opening of the Museum will be in April, 2015.  We have future plans to partner with York to put on our next International Christian Evidence Conference.   An announcement of the museum is below.  More details will be coming soon.  York Museum Announcement

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Class: Return, Restore, Rebuild Post-Exile Books of the Bible

Dr. John Oakes and James Shults will be teaching a class on biblical books covering the period after the exile of Judah and Israel.  The theme of these books is returning to God, restoring our relationship with God and rebuilding our lives with God.  The books covered will include Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah.  The class will be held at the Mission Center of Hope 6162 Mission Gorge Road, Suite A, San Diego 92120 on six consecutive Saturdays from 9:00-10:30.  For more information or to register contact Jan Oakes at  The cost for the class is $20 for the entire series.   Outline is below.    Return Restore Rebuild PPT  Return Restore Rebuild notes     ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 1      ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 2    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 3    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 4    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 5     ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 6

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Classes Taught in Spokane by Dr. John Oakes

John Oakes taught three classes for the Spokane Christian Church 9/27/2014.  Audio is available here.     History, Archaeology and the Bible MP3   History Archaeology and the Bible PPT   The Holy Spirit MP3    Shadow to Reality MP3

Class on the Book of Ezekiel

Dr. John Oakes is teaching a class on the Book of Ezekiel on four consecutive Thursday evenings, beginning 9/12/14.  The class is in San Diego at the Mission Center of Hope (6162 Mission Gorge Road San Diego, CA 92120. Suite A) from 7:30-8:45.   Notes, power point and audio will be posted.    Ezekiel notes     Ezekiel Power Point    Ezekiel Audio Part I    Ezekiel  Audio Part 2    Ezekiel Audio Part 3   Ezekiel Audio Part 4    Ezekiel Audio Part 5

My Eye Weeps to God

My Eye Weeps to God   By David A. Goodman, Ph.D.   This is an article written by a friend David Goodman.  He has been a neuroscientist for fifty years and is a believer.  The perspective is unusual, but we thought there may be some interest in what he has to say.  It is about the neuroscience and the theology of tears.

John Oakes

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Class on Church History

John Oakes and Robert Carrillo are team teaching a class on the history of Christianity for the staff of the San Diego Church of Christ over the next couple of months.  The notes and power point for the class are available here.   John Oakes has a book on the topic “The Christian Story:  Finding the Church in Church History” available at    Church History Notes     Church History Power Point

Lesson: Golden Rule Membership

Dr. John Oakes gave a sermon on Christian membership and Freedom in Christ in San Diego 8/31/14.  The lesson uses material from his new book Golden Rule Membership (   Golden Rule Membership Notes       Golden Rule Membership PPT      Golden Rule Membership MP3

Golden Rule-Membership-C2

God and Science: Audio and Power Point

Dr. John Oakes did a sermon on God and Science recently in San Diego.   There were multiple requests that the audio be made available.   The class was not recorded, but we are posting a nearly identical class taught in London, England in June, 2014.     Science and God PPT       God and Science MP3

News Flash! Dr. John Oakes loses in a debate on the existence of God.

Dr. John Oakes engaged in a debate on the existence of God titled “God is Not Dead” at a teen camp in Jamul, California on 6/17/2014.   His opponent was recent high school graduate Hunter Garnier.  Hunter is no slacker, as he was valedictorian of his class and is heading off to UC Berkeley in the Fall.  John Oakes took the premise that God is dead, while Hunter took the premise that God is real and God is alive.   This may help to explain why Dr. Oakes lost the debate as he suffered from taking a position which is simply not true.   John Oakess notes and audio of the debate are available here:   Why I don’t believe in God notes     God is Not Dead debate audio

Missionary Teaching Trip to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil

John and Jan Oakes traveled July 10-Aug 5 to teach for churches in Buenos Aires, Asuncion, La Paz, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  Below is a report on the 24 day teaching trip.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil/Argentina


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