Class: The Moral Question of Abortion

Kedron Jones, board member of ARS will be teaching a class on the Moral Question of Abortion.

When: Tuesday, April 29th at 7pm
Where: Lighthouse Church of Christ located at 3508 E. Temple Way West Covina, CA 91791
Synopsis: In this talk Kedron clarifies the abortion debate by focusing on the debates key question, “What is the unborn?” He argues that from the earliest stages of development, the unborn are distinct, living and whole human beings, and because the unborn are human they have intrinsic value simply because of the kind of thing they are, not because of some acquired property they may gain or lose during their lifetime.

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Malachi: Faith in God or Faithful to God?

Dr. John Oakes gave a lesson about being faithful to God in our service to him from Malachi on 4/4/2014.  The lesson focuses primarily on Malachi 1:6-14 and Malachi 3:6-18.   Sacrifice in Malachi Note   Malachi Sacrificial Giving Audio

Class to be taught in San Diego: Jesus in the Old Testament

Dr.  John Oakes will be teaching a class, Jesus in the Old Testament: From Shadow to Reality in San Diego on six consecutive Saturdays beginning Feb 22, 2014.  The classes will be held at the Mission Center of Hope 6162 Mission Gorge Rd in San Diego 9:00-10:30.  The cost of the entire series will be $20.  We will make the recordings available at the web site.  To register or for more information, contact Jan Oakes at   Outline and suggested reading for the class are below.   Jesus in OT Notes      Jesus in OT PPT      Jesus in OT 1     Jesus in OT  2     Class 3 Audio MP3    Jesus in OT 3    Jesus in OT 4      Jesus in OT 5     Jesus in OT 6    Jesus in OT  7     Jesus in OT 8     Jesus in OT 9     Jesus in OT 10    Jesus in OT 11    Jesus in OT 12

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Sacrifice Prefigures

Dr. John Oakes gave a sermon on 3/15/2014 in San Diego.  The topic was the Levitical sacrificial system as a prefigure of worship in the New Testament.  The “sweet smelling” offerings are discussed as prefigures both of the offerings given by Jesus and by Christians.  Specifically discussed are the burnt offering, the grain offering, the drink offering and the fellowship offering.  There is also a brief introduction to the sin and guilt sacrifices as prefigures of the sacrificial work of Jesus.   sacrificeprefigures notes     sacrificeprefigures PPT    sacrificeprefigure audio

Pro-life Apologetics 101 June 7, 2014

Kedron Jones, a board member of ARS (Apologetics Research Society) will be teaching a six hour class titled Defending Life:  Pro-Life Apologetics 101.   This will be a ground-breaking class for us as we explore the moral question of abortion.  The class will be taught in such a way that the arguments are not necessarily “Christian” per se (although we obviously take a Christian view of the issue), but deal with the question from an objective moral point of view.  The class will be Saturday June 7,  9:00-4:00.  The location will be  15610 Crenshaw Blvd. Gardena, CA 90249.  Cost will be $20.  To pre-register, contact Jan Oakes at  A flyer for the event is attached   Flyer: Pro-life Apologetics 101

Report on Missionary Teaching Trip to the Philippines

See below for a report from John Oakes on his recent trip to visit and teach for churches in Bacolod, Cebu and Manila Philippines.

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New Videos from Dr. John Oakes’ teaching in Memphis

Dr. John Oakes taught lessons on:

  • God, Science, and Miracles
  • four-hour class on Hebrews
  • a sermon on Acts and Church History

on Jan 31-Feb 2.  The audio of God, Science, and Miracles & the videos of the other two lessons are available at this link

New Power Point on God Science and Miracles

Dr. John Oakes taught a lesson 1/31/2014 in Memphis at Memphis University on God, Science and Miracles  The Power Point is attached.    God science and miracle ppt

The last of the ten classes for the ARS Apologetics Certificate is now ready!!

We are excited to announce that the last of ten classes for the ARS Apologetics Certificate is now ready for students to take.  The class is Apologetics and World Religions.  It is taught by Dr. John Oakes and Dan Conder.  It, along with our other nine classes are currently available.  For more info, click on the ARS Christian Apologetics Certificate button at the web site or contact Jan Oakes at    Students can take any of the ten classes or, if you want a thorough and in-depth knowledge of Christian evidence, please consider completing our certificate program.


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